Erteks was founded in 1994 in Denizli as one of the reputed manufacturer and exporter of home textiles company of Turkey based on its experience more than 70 years old experience in textile sector. Erteks has a great reputation in the field of weaving and garment sectors; while producing towels, beach towels, kitchen towels, bathrobes, children's group, slippers, bedspreads, blankets, shawls, bed linen, bath group, represents our country in the best way by exporting.

Erteks has 20000 m² work areas. 12000 m² is designated as weaving and the remaining 8000 m² is designated as confection units. Erteks has 250 employees in total and weaving capacity 1500 tons dobby fabrics and 1000 tons jacquard fabrics annually. Erteks never make consessions from its standart quality, trust and consistency for presenting alwasy the best and to be always open to development as main principle. Erteks has adopted a customer-oriented approach in connection with today`s quality standards, customer requirements and changing living conditions with strong capital, importance of human resources and respecting to environment and Erteks has integrated the motto of work with "we produce value".
Erteks design office is always looking for the latest trends and creating new designs with creative & different techniques.

The design team always aims to create solutions to customers whose have imaginations and projects. Our motto is to make your dreams come true

The production cycle begins here after the pattern designing. Everything is planned before weaving process.

Weaving of the designed product starts on different looms according to the product range of dobby or jacquard.

Production Capacity is from 150 gr/m² to 1500 gr/m².
Raw quality allows to detect faults during the weaving process at early stage of the production process, thus;

it allows to fix the machine before weaving fault. At this stage, the inspection is done manually and visually.

The conformity of products to quality standards is realized with ERP supported and physical inspection methods.

Packaging, labeling, barcoding controls of the products are performed with ERP and visual inspections in final quality control.